Sash Windows London

Sash Windows London
Sash Windows London

Sash windows London Repair- when your sash windows are in need or repair, double glazing or draught proofing then the best option is to call us for a competitive, no obligation, free quote on your sash windows in London.

We offer the following high quality Sash Windows London services:

  • Sash Window Repair London

  • Sash Window Draught Proofing London

  • Sash Window Double Glazing London

All sash window services in London are covered and guaranteed for five years with exception of decoration which is guaranteed for three years.

Sash windows London services have never been more straight forward:

  1. Call us.
  2. Get a time for free estimate with no obligation.
  3. Receive quote.
  4. Book us in with a small deposit to secure your dates.

From point of survey we normally require about a month of lead time. In certain cases, and on request we can speed the process if it’s urgent.

Sash Windows London – are your windows causing you irritation?

Do your sash windows:

  • Rattle in the wind or when buses and large vehicles pass?
  • Need structural sash window repairs?
  • Leave you concerned because of poor quality security?
  • Result in pricey heating bills?
  • Let in far too much noise?
  • Need decoration?

We can help with almost all sash window problems and issues. Call us directly for a quick response and site inspection. Pound for pound we are hard to beat and our customer service is second to none.

A little bit of detail about our sash windows London services:

Sash Windows London Repair Information

We offer high quality sash window repairs London. We will replace sills, install sash window furniture, replace broken pulleys, replace sash cords, repair timber that’s rotten, and make any structural issue not mentioned good.

We can replace sill sections in softwood or hardwood and offer high quality repairs to rotten timber. All repairs are treated and made good. All timber joints are filled with resin to ensure that that do no crack or open easily. The services noted are all guaranteed for five years.

Sash Windows London Draught Proofing Information

We install a series of brush piles into the original sashes that are hidden and rebated so that you do not lose any charm and appeal of your original sash windows. It’s important that aesthetics of your exterior are not hindered because it’s well known that an exterior that’s not period can cause damage to the value of your property.

We guarantee that when your sash window is closed the visibility of draught proofing is absolutely minimal, to the point close inspection is required to find it. If you are unsure we offer a 1 window paid trial before completing a large number. Just fill in the contact form and we will arrange installation.

Sash Windows London Double Glazing  Information

We can offer several sash windows London double glazing options. They are double glazing the old sash windows so no new joinery is required. The next option is double glazing sash manufactured like for like but double glazed instead of the old single pane. And finally we can entirely replace sash windows double glazed.

Double Glazing The Old Sash Windows London

Our most used service makes use of the original sash. We simply remove the old glazing. Cut the sash back deeper to hold a double glazed unit. We then finish off by glazing externally with a neat glazing bead. This service offers extremely good value for money and combined with a draught proofing system makes for a very efficient noise pollution reduction service to your sash windows.

Double Glazing Sash Manufactured Like for Like London

When the first service isn’t an option as the sashes are too thin or structurally not good enough for the job, we will make new sashes like for like and then install into the original frame. This is a high quality service and from 5 metres you cannot tell the windows are even double glazed bar the glint of new glass!

Replace Sash Windows Double Glazed London

When the two options above are not possible we can manufacture all singing all dancing new sash windows double glazed. Please feel free to contact us directly for a site inspection and to see samples of our new double glazed sash windows London.

Sash Windows London Repair Summary

Sash windows London Repair services are offered with warranty from honest carpenters without the middle man. Our pricing can’t be matched by any company with offices and office staff. We have one nice girl that helps answer the phone and does the book keeping. We keep our costs to a minimum and pass the savings to you with a focus on quality and very good value for money.

Would you like to work with us? Call us asap!